Koalas are in their nature, very relaxed creatures. They spend most of their lives sleeping peacefully in eucalyptus trees. They are considered to be one of the most chilled out marsupials of the animal kingdom. Natrual herbivores, koalas thrive on a plant-based diet. At The Zen Koala Massage Company, we believe alot can be taken from their lifestyle.

Taking care of your body and mind through relaxation and healing yourself with plants through diet and skin treatments.


My Story

10 years ago I had a massage that would change my life. It was in a make shift hut, in a beach on the island of Phuket, a Province of Thailand.

The massage was so intense, it released alot of stress and emotional energy that i was holding onto in my muscles. I was overcome with emotion and tears were streaming down my face, throughout the treatment. It was my first ever massage and the therapists were slighty concerned but I carried on with it and afterwards, as I was walking away, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had no idea that a massage could affect you on such a deep spiritual level! I now know that what I experienced that day on the beach, was a 'healing crisis'.  More can be found about this in the 'Massage Benefits & Facts' section on this website.

Many healing treatments and years later, I decided to become a therapist myself, and provide people with the same healing that I recieved, through massage and facial treatments. I find massage so beneficial to my well-being. Not just my physical state, but also for my mental health. To physically push the energy out of the muscles reguarly and increase the blood flow to the brain, is so vital, especially in our busy modern day lives. I try and have a regular massage once a week, as it is also crucial for me to stay supple and retain energy to perform treatments for my clients.

I want everybody to experience the gift of massage in their life and I look forward to meeting new clients and helping people on their path to healing.


(Founder of The Zen Koala Massage Company)

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